Open Source Web Intelligence (WEBINT )

Evolution of Open Source Intelligence

WEBINT-3i-MINDBefore the rise of the Internet, intelligence agencies and other organizations were well-equipped to generate open source intelligence using only publicly available sources, such as TV, radio and newspapers. But the evolution of the World Wide Web, and expanded global access to it via smart phones and other mobile devices, has revolutionized the way open source intelligence is created, gathered and processed.

Enter the dawn of open source web intelligence (WEBINT)

Internet for Good and Evil

The modern Internet holds tremendous value for its users, including ease of access, anonymized communication, global access and a virtually unregulated environment. However, those same characteristics are readily exploited by criminals, terrorists and paramilitary groups that use the Internet to fundraise, spread hostile agendas and gather intelligence on potential recruits and targets.

To neutralize these activities, agencies and other organizations are adopting WEBINT solutions that identify low-signal threats, and the actionable insights needed to counter them.

WEBINT reveals not only independent facts (e.g., who, what, where), but the rationale behind web-based data, mass opinion and planned activities.

WEBINT Solution Benefits

WEBINT-OpenMIND-3i-MINDWEBINT solutions enable automated monitoring, correlation and analysis of publicly shared online information across languages and formats. Comprised of disparate data types , including photos, videos, audio and text, WEBINT fuses a range of data formats and analysis methodologies formerly available only to IMINT (imagery intelligence), COMINT (communications intelligence) and HUMINT (human intelligence) experts to quickly and systematically extract insights from the surface and deep web.

Because it can access individual posts as well as mass opinion in social networks, forums, blogs, microblogs, discussion boards and other web-based communication channels, WEBINT provides a unique perspective on data that cannot be found elsewhere, often revealing not only independent facts (who, what, where), but the rationale behind data creation. And WEBINT creates a more accurate intelligence picture than do other intelligence collection-analysis disciplines, in part because it seamlessly fuses its own findings with those from COMINT, HUMINT and other collection types.

The web is vast and constantly expanding. Incorporating the right WEBINT solution will enable your analysts to zero-in on truly relevant data as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

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