The Deep Web

The deep web is an uncharted and unregulated landscape where billions of people meet and share ideas. It is the collective mind of the digital age, where consumer behaviors, political movements and powerful figures are born.

Unreachable by commercial search engines that index only the surface web, the hidden vastness of the deep web—comprised of social networks, microblogs, forums, RSS feeds, databases and more—is estimated to be hundreds of times the size of the surface web. deepweb

Some of the most critical information about people, organizations, events and public sentiment are found there. As a result, analysts and web intelligence (WEBINT) specialists who fail to access the deep web are missing the vast majority of data—and insights—needed to move their investigations forward.

Harvesting and analyzing deep-web data poses several challenges. Most notably, online discussions and connections that occur in the deep web are spread over multiple sources, platforms and formats, and are continually updated with new content, connections, etc. In addition, data siloing and media fragmentation contribute to the rapid expansion of the deep web, making it more challenging to truly reach operational insights.

If you could see the sparks in time to extinguish the fire, the possibilities would be limitless.

The deep web is where the scattered whispers of a few inluential individuals evolve into the screams of millions.


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