Manage Customers, Products and Services with Intelligence from the Web

Financial organizations have a growing need for on-demand, real-time information. Whether to ascertain the financial legitimacy and stability of a customer, investigate possible fraud, or find new opportunities to promote your products and services, the web, including social networking sites, forums, blogs and microblogs (collectively referred to as the deep web) has become the leading data source available to meet these needs.

Find the Information You Need to Stay Ahead of the Competition

3i-MIND’s open source web intelligence (WEBINT) offering, OpenMIND™ ,lets you monitor the surface and deep web quickly, efficiently and systematically.

OpenMIND and our team of highly experienced domain experts provide a unique, fully automated WEBINT collection and analysis solution designed to meet the needs of financial institutions, including commercial banks and investment and insurance companies. By offering 24×7 web monitoring and real-time alerts whenever exceptional activities and patterns are detected, we provide multiple departments within your organization with critical, actionable insights not found elsewhere.

OpenMIND™ for WEBINT Collection & Analysis: Uses

Here are a few areas where WEBINT collection and analysis can help you stay ahead of your competition.

biz-iconBusiness & Credit Management

  • Identify and flag potential problems and suspicious discussions/activities specific to the financial stability of your company.
  • Use WEBINT to provide credit and risk score cards for individuals and organizations.

sheild-iconSecurity and Fraud Prevention

  • Investigate people and entities and expose fraudulent claims.
  • Identify employees and partners who have published sensitive information.

peepsHuman Resources

  • Run background checks on candidates.

graphdudeMarketing & Competitive Analysis

  • Discover what your competitors are really offering and to whom.
  • Create lists of qualified potential customers (lead generation).

handsBusiness Development, Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Perform due diligence on potential partners and acquisitions.

Find out how our offerings can help you capitalize on the power of the deep web.

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