Gain a Competitive Advantage with Web Intelligence

Leading companies use the Internet to gain a competitive advantage: to better understand their businesses, identify opportunities and risks, and enhance their overall ability to navigate today’s complex global business environment.

Using cutting-edge open source web intelligence (WEBINT) solutions, companies can now access blogs, microblogs, forums, social networks and other publicly available sources of data (collectively referred to as the deep web) to stay on top of public sentiment surrounding their products, services and brand, and identify any security concerns.

Companies that fail to take advantage of WEBINT are missing the vast majority of data and insights needed to move their businesses forward.

Today’s leading companies use open source web intelligence (WEBINT) to obtain competitive intelligence, ensure business continuity and support future growth.


Identify Opportunities. Manage Risk. Ensure Business Continuity.

3i-MIND’s WEBINT offerings help you monitor the surface and deep web quickly, efficiently and systematically.

Our OpenMIND™ platform and team of highly experienced domain experts combine to offer a unique information collection and analysis solution specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s leading corporations.

More than a brand-monitoring solution, OpenMIND helps you identify, understand and manage opportunities and risks in the countries and cities where you operate; monitor the security and well-being of your facilities and personnel; assess mass opinion and sentiment; and ensure overall business continuity.

OpenMIND™ for WEBINT Collection & Analysis: Benefits

  • Track online discussions concerning your organization, its products, services and activities
  • Generate new leads and opportunities, and identify risks
  • Know your competitors

  • Research potential products and markets
  • Monitor regions where you have or are considering new facilities
  • Perform background checks on potential employees and partners

Find out how our offerings can help you capitalize on the power of the deep web.

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