Shouldn’t you know what is being said online about your areas of responsibility or interest so that you can proactively identify public issues and concerns that need to be addressed?

How can we help?

You are probably already using the web as a source, especially online discussions on social networking sites, blogs and micro-blogs. Our open source web intelligence (WEBINT) offering helps you do it easier, faster and more thoroughly.

Available as an on-premises solution backed by a team of experts, our offering is specifically designed for the needs of federal and municipal government.

Here are a few examples of how WEBINT collection and analysis could help you.


Monitor online discussions involving students, parents and teachers about schools, students, teachers, and administrators, educational policy, educational system management

industry-iconEnvironmental safety

Follow discussions on air and water quality and related accidents (e.g., oil spills and gas leaks).

transport-icon Transportation

Track opinions about public transportation (subways, railways, roadways and harbors), including real-time status and service delivery; traffic congestion and accidents; system management; administrators and employees

med-iconPublic health

Monitor online discussions concerning public health facilities, personnel, medications and medical concerns and advice.

Find out how our offerings can help you capitalize on the power of the deep web.

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