The Web is a Hidden Goldmine of Criminal Activity Data

Criminals of all types embrace the web, using it to communicate, plan, perpetrate and report on illegal activities. The web is also where law-abiding citizens and groups meet to share ideas and promote their agendas, some of which can cause unintended damage.

The nuggets of information (e.g., names, addresses, times, references, associations) that criminals and others inadvertently leave behind on social networking sites, forums, blogs and microblogs (collectively referred to as the deep web) are often the key to successful investigations, both before and after incidents occur. In fact, some of the most important bits of information concerning entities and the connections between them are found only online, embedded in the metadata of publicly shared posts, videos, polls, petitions and group pages.

Find the Information You Need to Solve More Crimes, More Quickly

3i-MIND’s open source web intelligence (WEBINT) offering, OpenMIND™ , lets you monitor the surface and deep web quickly, efficiently and systematically.

OpenMIND and our team of highly experienced domain experts provide a unique, fully automated WEBINT collection and analysis solution designed to meet the needs of law enforcement and intelligence agencies. By offering 24×7 web monitoring and real-time alerts whenever exceptional activities and patterns are detected, we help free your agents from the mundane, giving them more time to focus on in-depth analysis and action.

OpenMIND™ for WEBINT Collection & Analysis: Benefits

  • Prevent/solve crimes, civil unrest and extremist activities
  • Identify and assess potential threats early on, before they materialize
  • Jump-start investigations and source development

  • Profile objects of interest
  • Detect security vulnerabilities
  • Track public sentiment

Find out how our offerings can help you capitalize on the power of the deep web.

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