Find Threats Before They Become Reality

Securing people, infrastructure, operations, supply chains, mega public events (e.g. sports, concerts) and other critical assets is especially challenging given today’s increasing threats and risks, both physical and cyber.

Transportation hubs and energy companies, in particular, are among the busiest and most volatile organizations in the world. As a result, they are some of the most vulnerable to theft, disruption and attack.

Criminals and terrorist organizations have embraced the Internet—social networking sites, forums, blogs and microblogs (collectively known as the deep web) in particular—to communicate, plan and carry out illegal activities.

By monitoring open, publicly shared sources in the surface and deep web, you can detect and assess potential threats early on—before they develop into actual incidents and sabotage.

Avoid Threats. Minimize Risk.
Ensure Business Continuity.

3i-MIND’s open source web intelligence (WEBINT) offerings help you monitor the surface and deep web quickly, efficiently and systematically.

Our OpenMIND™ platform and team of highly experienced domain experts combine to offer a unique information collection and analysis solution specifically designed to meet the needs of private security firms and agencies, and the needs of their clients.

OpenMIND™ for WEBINT Collection & Analysis: Benefits

  • Detect and assess potential threats early on, before they grow to endanger people and critical assets
  • Perform background checks on prospective employees and partners
  • Create a real-time unified situational awareness picture of the surface and deep web to secure events and other activities

Find out how our offerings can help you capitalize on the power of the deep web.

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