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Advanced open source web intelligence (WEBINT) solution

We designed our OpenMIND platform, an end-to-end open source web intelligence (WEBINT) solution, to give corporate and governmental organizations a competitive advantage in their pursuit of critical insights from the web. OpenMIND automatically transforms seemingly unrelated fragments of publicly shared data found in the surface and deep web into actionable insights. With it, analysts are freed to focus on drawing conclusions and recommending actions.

Why is it so difficult to harness WEBINT?

The types and amount of web data in existence are quickly expanding, especially on social-networking sites, forums and micro-blogs, where most leads and intelligence exist. Manually searching for and identifying relevant information is difficult and time-consuming—even for dedicated WEBINT experts—because it’s scattered across the web in multiple locations, formats and languages, and constantly being updated. And while the web has already become the leading platform where opportunities emerge and threats to your organization are orchestrated, security, public safety and business intelligence budgets are either flat or shrinking, requiring you to do more with less.

In addition, the most critical information to ongoing investigations is increasingly real-time in nature, requiring a very high frequency of data collection from web sources.

How do you home in on truly relevant information as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible?

How does OpenMIND™ help your organization?

OpenMIND addresses most strategic and technical WEBINT needs in a single solution, helping users to conduct lead-based investigations, run ongoing data-driven monitoring and analysis on topics of interest and identify abnormalities and potential threats.

Run ad-hoc, lead-based investigations and generate intelligence-enhancing reports that leverage automated workflows; discover potential sources; highlight relevant information and activities; uncover new leads and opportunities.
Constantly monitor publicly shared information and topic-specific discussions by individuals and groups of interest; map trends; learn the reasons and motivations behind activities; identify key promoters and early signs of both developing threats and opportunities.
Generate a real-time web-based situational awareness picture visualized by custom templates, geo-mapping and timeline widgets; provide unique advantages to operators, including event descriptions and maps of on-site information sources; analyze images and videos captured at events and used to improve overall response strategies.
What is the deep web?

The deep web is where future opportunities and risks are born. Being proactive (not reactive) to knowledge in the deep web can be the difference between success and failure in your everyday tasks.

  • Unlike the surface web, which is mostly content-oriented, the deep web is a vast network of communities that collaborate, communicate and share information with each other
  • The deep web is more than 500 times larger than the surface web and contains in excess of 500 billion documents
  • Social media tools and popular search engines used to access the indexed surface web cannot reach the non-indexed sites and content found in the deep web
Organizations use WEBINT to:
  • Find new leads and identify low-signal threats
  • Develop new intelligence sources
  • Establish normal patterns of behavior and identify anomalies
  • Profile objects of interest
  • Generate a situational awareness picture
  • Monitor events in real time
  • Assess public opinion and sentiment
  • Leverage online eye witnesses
  • Uncover hidden indirect connections between entities
The OpenMIND Platform

OpenMIND constantly monitors publicly shared information across the surface and deep web, including web pages, social networks, video-sharing sites, microblogs, forums, blogs and RSS feeds. It does so based on user-defined variables, such as keywords, locations, times and targeted accounts. OpenMIND is a powerful automated processing, investigation and analysis solution that provides the “who, what, where, when, how and why” context for any object of interest.

Offering full support for the entire WEBINT life-cycle, from discovery through reporting, OpenMIND stores all relevant data alongside your organization’s operational ontology, enabling production and dissemination of intelligence and investigative reports.

Web intelligence collection

OpenMIND’s data-harvesting capabilities offer an intuitive user interface that lets non-technical users create and run multiple sophisticated simultaneous data-harvesting tasks, targeting virtually any type of web source in any language. Users can leverage existing data-harvesting templates and easily define collection parameters (e.g., keywords, times, locations, websites, languages, content types, etc.) and collection scheduling, or use OpenMIND’s Robots Studio module to create sophisticated collection templates that extract specific, required data from a selected web source.

OpenMIND harvests data securely so that neither the operator’s identity nor his/her subjects of interest are revealed. After harvesting, OpenMIND automatically removes irrelevant content and duplications, and cleanses and structures the data. Advanced processing analysis tools then transform the data into actionable intelligence, flagging abnormalities and focusing on relevant results while eliminating extraneous noise.

A comprehensive analysis toolbox

OpenMIND offers a diverse set of task-oriented open source WEBINT workflows and analysis capabilities, including source development, entity extraction, virtual agent management, visual link analysis (VLA), spatial geo-analysis, timeline and trend analysis, statistical analysis and alerting.