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OpenMIND™ platform covers all WEBINT aspects from collection, pre- processing, data storage, operations management to analysis.
External Sources
Security &

First, it collects data from almost any source on the web, including web pages, social networking sites, video-sharing sites, microblogs, forums, blogs and RSS feeds. Data collection is done securely so that neither the collectors’ identities nor their subjects of interest are revealed.

The web data collection process is done by customized collection robots. Once you have decided which websites you want to source data from, you’ll need to create a specialized collection robot to harvest the content from each source. Our proprietary “Robot Studio” capability makes this process easier and faster – enabling you to create a dedicated robot for each of your selected sources, including those built using the most advanced technologies, within minutes.

The robots you create will automatically harvest all content including text, images, multimedia and user information from the designated websites on the topics you have defined and convert it into a structured format.

We make collection management easy for non-technical users to master, using simple step-by-step wizards, tailored for each source type, e.g. blog, forum, etc., and a user- friendly dashboard for managing, scheduling, and executing collections.

Fully scalable, our collection and storage capabilities can handle the very large volumes of information resulting from multiple, web-based investigations.

After collection, the system cleanses and normalizes the data for further analysis. The analysis tools take the processed data and automatically transform it into actionable intelligence, focusing on relevant results and eliminating irrelevant noise.

Using our tools, including entity extraction, visual link analysis (VLA), spatial-temporal geoanalysis, timeline trend analysis, topical categorization, statistical analysis, social network analysis, sentiment analysis, multimedia analysis and more, you can analyze data from different perspectives and from different languages to develop your social awareness picture and easily identify the most relevant data for your reports.

The operations and management capabilities support the production and dissemination of intelligence and investigative reports and inter-agency collaboration.